1. Fake Profiles

You know the feeling, you’ve spent the morning swiping away. Trying to make every swipe count, before you hit the dreaded daily limit.

Later on that day, you check your phone, find not only have you matched the hottest chick, from this morning’s swiping session, but she’s sent you a message. You get all excited, start thinking this could be the one. Only to find she’s a Russian Bride looking for a visa, I mean a husband.

2. Constant excitement followed by instant disappointment

‘Congratulations you have a new match’, the notification we all wait for! You log on to see you’ve matched with a stunning local girl, maybe the one from your dreams but soon find out she’s as dull as dishwater. If your conversation starts like the following…

“How are you?”
“I’m fine, thanks, and you?”
“I’m good”


3. When she suddenly doesn’t respond

Finally you’ve matched with a girl who is not a Russian Bride, you’re messaging away and she suddenly goes radio silent.

What do you do? Send her another message? What’s Tinder etiquette in these situations? Move on and start swiping again? Just move on you tell yourself, but then suddenly she likes your moment but still hasn’t responded. Do you message her now? Is there even a right answer?



4. The 12 Hour Countdown

Since Tinder introduced its subscription feature, you can only swipe right a certain amount of times before you have to wait for the 12 hour countdown to expire so you can get swiping again. What on earth do you do for the next 12 hours?



5. The Real Life Shock

So after the standard Tinder back and forth banter, you’ve finally progressed, got yourself a number and then an actual real life date. You spruce yourself up, rock up to the bar and find there was definitely a reason all her pictures were from neck up with the Sepia filter or was it the Dog Filter. Oh the joys of online dating. Don’t forget it’s a 2 way street if you claim that you’re fit and 6’1” but show up on a date at 5’7” with a dad bod… you’re a liar. Her mind is out the door at hello, and her body can’t wait to follow.

6. Struggling to Write That Killer Bio

You need to write something but you need to keep it short and sweet, put in a few emoji’s to prove how strong your emoji game is, chuck in an obscure reference to be quirky, try to be open but not obnoxious, all without boring her. It’s not an easy task and this is all before you’ve even come close to talking to another chick!

7. Choosing a picture

Very similar to choosing the bio, your matches and potentially your future sex life rests on these 2 points. Guys, the ladies do not want to see a picture of your abs in the gym mirror or you in the gym full stop. They want to see pictures of you but they don’t want heaps of selfies or group pictures. Sunglasses and pictures with other girls are also a no no. Pictures with animals, participating in an extreme sport (skydiving, bungee jumping, etc) and playing sport are acceptable.

It’s a minefield out there guys.

8. 62% of tinder users are male

Straight away the odds are stacked in the women favour. As if life wasn’t hard enough on Tinder for us guys!

9. Patience

It all just takes too long. Swiping, matching, messaging, running out of swipes, swiping again, working on your best lines, stalking their Facebook, checking out their Instagram, finally going on the date and pulling out you’re ‘A’ game. Wouldn’t it be just so much easier and simpler if there was a night where you could meet single women, who are looking to have fun.

10. Do you really want to meet ‘The One’ on a dating app

The dreaded question, where did you two meet?

Introducing your new missis to the family would be the final step but before you reach that point, have you thought about how you’re going to explain meeting one another…
‘We noticed each other walking down the street, locked eyes across a bar, danced the night away at a concert or maybe your ok with your other option, muttering/coughing ‘Tinder’ under your breath.

Your call!

Next Step…

When all’s said and done you can spend hours and hours on Tinder and get absolutely nowhere. Going back and forth, getting matches, messaging, getting un-matched, getting matched and starting all over again with no guarantee of actually getting a date.

We can’t deny that yes, Tinder is great for meeting new people but attending a Wine & Dine Sydney night will be more beneficial, you are guaranteed to meet 12 single females from your local area, who are looking to have a good night. Now where else can you get those odds from? Head on over & sign up now to secure tickets for our next event