Wine & Dine Sydney are pleased to announce our next event will be Saturday 11th February, the first of many in 2017!  By this time the New Years hangovers, Dry January and New Years Resolutions will be a distant memory.  It will be time to have fun again!

Being the weekend before Valentine’s Day makes it the perfect weekend to host our first event of 2017! So grab your friends, single or not, and sign up! As always there will be prizes on the night for the best pictures!

As usual the roles have been reversed, it’s time for the guys to show the ladies how to cook, and we all know the ladies love a guy that can cook!  Ladies you will be bringing the wine and the entertainment!

Remember that the ladies can sign up in groups of 2 and we will match you with another group of 2 for the evening.

Once more, we are heading back to Daniel San Manly for the official after party, located next to the Novotel in Manly.  Daniel-san is a Japanese restaurant fused into a neon-80’s theme-karate kid-John Hughes nostalgic decor. With spectacular views over Manly Beach and just a few yards from the sand, Daniel San is a breath of fresh sea air.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event and cant wait for the Valentines festivities to begin.

Grab your friends and sign up to our next event!