From our November event onwards we will be refunding all guests their Uber fares! We are trying every way possible for everyone to experience an amazing evening with minimal cost!

We hope that saving money on your travels will contribute to the evening and the money saved can be spent on finer wine, those extra special desserts or you may want to whip up a few signature cocktails who knows. Overall we want you to enjoy the evening as much as possible and not be out of pocket!

After the event if you would kindly send all Uber receipts to [email protected] stating your group, we will happily refund you the costs.

Hosts  We will refund you from your nominated location to the afterparty location

Guests  We will refund you 1st course to the 2nd, 2nd course to the 3rd, 3rd course to the afterparty location.

T&C’s Apply – Only Uber fares above $10 refunded.

Please sing out anything else you wish to know at [email protected] and we will be in touch as soon as possible.