Living a little further afield but would love to be involved in the next event, well why not Host at an Airbnb for the evening and will we give you 50% off your ticket purchase!

We have had plenty of guests that have travelled to one of our previous events but have not been located on Sydney’s North Shore or Northern Beaches. While guests can still travel from anywhere in Sydney, hosts do need a location to provide the dinner arrangements north of the bridge.

We have been thinking of ideas to provide everyone the opportunity to sign up regardless of your location and we realised why can’t rented accommodation be the answer?

AirBnb is widely known and makes it very easy to acquire accommodation, it would make perfect sense for a group of friends to rent a place for the evening and take part in a Wine and Dine Sydney Event! So in turn we have decided to offer an alternative and will give 50% off tickets for any Host group that rents accommodation for the evening. If you would kindly get in contact at [email protected] to prove purchase of accommodation we will send in return a discount code to use on sign up.

This is just another way to bring all Sydneysiders together for Sydney’s best roaming dinner party!


Struggling to convince 4 friends to take part, well we are pleased to announce for our next event you can now sign up in groups of 2…

We know that it can be hard getting 4 friends organised for a night out and there will be always someone that will let you down! Well here at Wine and Dine Sydney HQ we have decided to make it even easier for guests attending our upcoming events. There is a now a new ticket option on our sign up page that allows you to purchase 2 tickets instead of 4, the plan will be to match pairs together to form guests groups of 4 so that we can do more of the organising for you!

We will try our best to match you with the same age group, obviously location will not matter as you can all meet up prior to your first course.

We look forward to seeing you at our next event and please if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!