If you’ve signed up to a host a dinner party as part of Wine & Dine Sydney, you may be interested in discovering a few fool proof tips and tricks, that will ensure that your guests will crown you as the ultimate Wine & Dine Sydney host!

What makes a good host? A guide to impressing your dinner guests:

1. Greet your guests with warmth and enthusiasm 

Don’t worry, your guests are bound to be just as nervous as you are. After all, as the host of the night, you have the home court advantage. One way to impress your guests straight off the bat is to warmly great each guest at the door with a genuine, winning smile. Also ensure that you’re fully dressed 30 minutes before your first guest is set to arrive as the last thing you want to do is answer the door with a face mask on.

Also make sure to read the body cues of your guests. Some guests may be more comfortable with a hand shake, whilst others may naturally go in for a friendly hug.

2. Dress to impress

After all, you are hosting a singles get together! Whilst you might not be hitting one of Sydney’s most exclusive restaurants, it stay pays to dress up. Women can’t go wrong opting for a smart summer dress or a cocktail dress, whilst men can’t go wrong in a pair of tidy trousers or jeans and a smart, button down shirt. Ladies, if you’re looking to shine, why not invite one of your friends over early to help you with your hair?

3. Plan to keep your guests entertained throughout the evening 

It’s best to pre plan a variety of activities and to let your new friends select activities on the night. After all every guest is different and unless you’re a psychic it will be impossible to predict what types of activities your guests will enjoy. As an example whilst one group of Wine & Dine Sydney guests may enjoy playing Cards Against Humanity, another group may prefer to listen to music or compete in a team vs. team entertainment quiz.

4. Prepare your favourite recipes for your guests

Whilst you may be tempted to prepare chicken cordon bleu for the very first time, in order to impress your guests, you’re far better off opting for dishes that you’ve prepared for your friends, on numerous occasions. If in doubt, ask your friends what they think your signature dishes are and ensure to include them on your Wine & Dine Sydney menu.

Also make sure to prepare each dish from scratch. Let’s be honest, your guests aren’t going to be bowled over if you serve them a half frozen cheesecake, which you picked up from the grocery store, a few hours earlier!

5. Ensure that every guest feels included 

If one of your guests is a little quiet, try to find common interests in order to encourage them to join in on the fun. After all, everyone who attends Wine & Dine Sydney is interested in meeting fellow singles, so a quiet guest is probably just a little on the shy side.

If you find that a guest shares an interest with one of your three friends, make sure to start a conversation between your friend and your guest. You just never know, sparks may fly and you may be responsible for helping your friend or mate find their dream woman or man.

6. Prepare a little gift for each guest to take home

Everyone loves a thoughtful host. One way to score brownie points with your guests is to prepare a little gift for each of your friends to take home. Don’t worry gifts don’t have to cost a small fortune or break the bank. Examples of potential gifts that your guests are sure to love include polaroid photographs of your night, home baked cookies in the shape of stick men and women and inexpensive wine stoppers.

If you find that you have a connection with one of your guests, you may want to slip your phone number into their gift bag.

So there you have it, a fool proof guide to impressing your guests and increasing your chance of having a meaningful connection with one of your potential dates. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t signed up as a host yet, there’s no time like the present.