If you’ve committed to hosting your very first roaming dinner party, you may be on the lookout for fun, creative ways to make your dinner party stand out. If so, simply continue reading to discover 7 unique ways to cook and serve your guests’ meals.

1. Consider serving fondue for dessert

One unique way to serve dessert is to use a fondue set to heat a chocolate sauce, which your guests can dip strawberries, marshmallows and cake pops into. If your guests are feeling flirty, they may end up feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries.

Alternatively, if you’re a bit of a self confessed wine connoisseur you may want to serve a cheese fondue, which you can serve with your favorite bottle of wine.

2. Let your guests sizzle their own meat, on a Korean or Mongolian style hot plate

If you’ve ever been to a Korean or Mongolian restaurant, you may have cooked your own meat on a hot plate. For a little bit of fun why not encourage your new friends to cook their own meat on a hot plate? Just make sure to have a variety of herbs and spices such as chili, lemongrass and paprika on hand.

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a Tepanyaki style chef, you may want to practice a few tricks, such as flipping ingredients, prior to the night of your dinner party. If you’re feeling brave, you may want to try throwing vegetables from your hot plate, to your guests’ bowls. Just do yourself a favour and leave dangerous tricks such as knife throwing, to the professionals.

3. Impress your guests by wielding a blow torch

One way to sear your way into your guests’ memories is to use a culinary blow torch to put the finishing touches on your guests’ meals. As an example, if you’re open to the idea of serving crème brulee, you may want to use a culinary blow torch to toast the top of each dessert. Alternatively, you can also use a culinary blow torch to sear your steaks to perfection.

4. Give your guests the opportunity to show off their chopstick skills

If you plan on serving Asian inspired cuisine, it’s well worth placing a pair of wood chopsticks on each place setting. As those who use chopsticks on a regular basis, will be able to teach the rest of your guests the fine art of using chopsticks.

If you want to impress your guests, you may want to treat each of your guests to a pair of decorative chopsticks, which they can take home with them, at the end of the night.

5. Consider setting up a self serve, taco station or sushi bar

If you want to cater to a wide variety of tastes and accommodate vegetarians as well as those with allergies, you may want to set up a self serve, taco station. That will allow your guests to hand pick their own ingredients such as guacamole, beans, chicken, salsa and sour cream.

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of Mexican fare, you may want to set up a self serve sushi bar! Just ensure to serve wasabi and soy sauce.

6. Consider placing a fortune cookie on each place mat

One way to break the ice, is to place a fortune cookie on each place mat. That way, when your guests first sit down to dinner, they’ll have something to talk about, other than the weather. If you can’t find prepackaged fortune cookies at your local supermarket, you may want to consider making your own fortune cookies by writing and printing out your own fortunes.

7. Dining in the dark

If your guests are game, why not turn off your dining room lights and let your guests experience your main course in the dark? Dining in the dark will allow your guests to focus on their taste buds and will provide a conversation starter. As your guests will be able to compare, what they think they’re eating, with each other.

If you’re up for a bit of friendly competition, why not challenge your guests to guess as many ingredients as they can?

So if you’ve committed to hosting your very first roaming dinner party and want to impress your guests, it’s well worth choosing a few of the above ideas to incorporate into your dinner party. After all, you may just open the door to Mr. or Mrs. Right.