If you’ve signed up to host your first roaming dinner party and are looking for fun ice breakers, which are guaranteed to have your guests in fits of laughter, simply continue reading to discover five drinking games, that are guaranteed to impress your new friends.

5 Fun Filled Drinking Games That Are Guaranteed To Keep Your Guests Entertained:

1. Roxanne

Simply play “Roxanne” by the police on your smart phone. Every time you hear the word Roxanne, you and your guests have to take a shot or a sip of wine. Whilst the rules are simple, you may be surprised at how challenging it will be to keep up.

Alternatively, why not choose a more recent track and let your guests choose different pre selected words such as “love” and “you” from a hat? If you try out this version, each guest will have to listen carefully for their unique word. Some members of your party will also have to drink more often, than others which will have your group in fits of laughter.

2. Beer pong

Chances are that you’ve watched at least one American movie, where the main characters competed in a “friendly” game of Beer Pong. To play Beer Pong, simply place 10 cups in a triangle formation at both ends of your cleared dining table. Next, fill each paper or plastic cup with your choice of beer.

Each team will then take turns to try and throw a ping pong ball from their side of the table, into one of their opponent’s cups. If you successfully land a ping pong ball in your opponent’s cup, a member of your opposition will have to skull the contents of the cup which you landed your ball in.

The first team to force their opposition to drink all 10 cups of beer wins. Just remember that when it comes time to choose teams, that it’s the perfect opportunity to bond with the looker that you’ve been glancing across the table at, all evening.

3. Flip Cup

Flip Cup is another fast paced, team game. Simply split up into two even teams and ensure that each member of your team is standing opposite a member of the opposing team. Beginning at one end of the table, a competitor from each team will skull their cup of beer as fast as they can before successfully flipping their cup so that it lands top side down, on the table.

Only then, can the second member of the team skull their cup of beer. The winner of Flip Cup is the first team, to have all of their members skull their beer and flip their cup onto the table. For this particular game, you may want to team up with your friends, instead of mixing teams.

4. Never Have I Ever

I Never is another classic game. In turns each member of your group will say “Never Have I Ever”, followed with a statement. Such as “I have never gone skinny dipping” or “I have never kissed a member of the same sex”. The catch is that everyone in the room who has experienced the situation mentioned has to take a shot.

There are two ways to play Never Have I Ever. You can try to use statements that will force your competitors to drink, in order to be the last one with beer left in their bottle and to be crowned the winner of Never Have I Ever. Or you can use the game as a way to find out more information about your dinner guests. As an example, if you want to find a loyal beau you may want to ask “Never have I ever flirted with my best friend’s partner”.

5. Stare Down

To play Stare Down simply pair up with one of your guests. The goal of stare down is to stare at your opponent, until they blink. The first person to blink has to take a sip of their drink. Continue until only one person in your group has beer left in their bottle, to find the ultimate Stare Down champion.

If you’re feeling generous why not provide a prize, such as a bottle of wine or a pack of craft beer, for the winner of your Stare Down tournament?

So if you plan on hosting a roaming dinner event in the near future, it’s well worth coercing your new friends to compete in a few fun drinking games. That are guaranteed to help your group bond and which may help you form a special connection with the new hottie which you’ve just met!